Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mini Hiatus to move

Hi Everyone, I am taking a mini hiatus to move!

I've been referring often to my "Home" pinterest board to keep my on theme. My new space is a brand new loft apartment in Dumbo, Brooklyn, overlooking the Manhattan bridge. In the meantime, I'd like to share my key inspiration pieces.

I'll be doing a home tour soon, once everything is settled in.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Oh Hello from Miami!

Currently on a work trip in Miami. I am blissfully soaking up the sun and sea. Although work is involved, I am very much appreciating the escape from blistery cold and gray NY.

I'm staying at the Fountainbleu, and have a gorgeous view.  Once I'm back, I'll have a full post up on new spring looks! Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I'll leave you with some pretty beach photos.

And a link to one of my older (but one of my favorite blog outfit posts here)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dressing Room Tryouts: Anne Taylor Perfect Button Down

My God, I should really update this, especially since I've done a ton of shopping lately and found some pretty awesome goodies.

The weather has pretty much been shit for the past 2 weeks, so I don't have any fancy photo's for y'all, but I do have a great review on some of the shirts I have been loving.

On a whim, I went into Ann Taylor, and found their new line of "The Perfect Button Down", and indeed it is quite perfect. Usually I am underwhelmed by Ann Taylor, but they really nailed it on this line of shirts.

From cut to material, these shirts have fantastic structure well, while the darting maintains a feminine flattering shape. 

The collars are nice and stiff without being uncomfortable, are just the right size, and lay nicely along the neckline without getting all wonky.

The collection has a few different colors. The one above one - blue with white contrast if my favorite color. It looks kind of vanilla on the hanger, but once on the body, it is VERY pretty. You can roll up the sleeves and just let a hint of white peek out. I've already worn this a few times and eager to wear it again.

 The shirt also comes in white.  For me, a solid white flattering button down is hard to find. I AM IN LOVE with this one!!!! Please excuse my funky pants. Unlike the Perfect Button Down, these slacks I tried on just wasn't working on me. 

The shoulders fit well, does not pucker and most importantly, the armpits are designed high and tight enough to make the bust area flattering without being overly tight and uncomfortable.  This is also now part of my collection.

I have been pairing these shirts with a wider bootleg opening, heels, and a nice simple streamlined cognac belt. A simple and classic look.

::TIP:: Personally I think rolling up the sleeves adds a nice effortless touch to crisp button down shirts. For ladies, I recommend rolling up to an inch below the elbow. I have found this to be the most flattering length. Any higher and it makes you look wide, any lower, it looks too frumpy.

The shirt above is a different style, and not part of the Perfect Button Down Collection. This one is made from polyester, which left me feeling meh. But I shouldn't get snobby about it because the contrasting collar and frontline is extremely flattering and feminine The drape is quite nice, and the material is almost wrinkle-free, making it a great travel shirt.

*update* the shirt pictured below is sold out, but here is a veeery similar one still in stock at Ann Taylor, link here

AT has really stepped up their game recently and found multiple items that I'm loving. Next up, new AT heels that are gorgeous and comfortable.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hi Y'all

Ok ok ok ok. So I haven't posted in awhile. I'M SORRY!

I started a new gig, and I am happily letting is suck up all of my attention. It's so fun! It's hard to time find time to work, eat, work, sleep, and blog. 

Moment of honesty here, I haven't gone out and shot a lot of outfit because it has been FREEZING cold out. And there's only so many inside my apartment images that I can take before I get bored to tears. I will have a few new photo's up soon. PROMISE! Don't leave me!

In the meantime, you can always stay up to date with my on my instagram: 

Shawl Cardigan is from Ruche *these go fast so pick it up soon if you like it*:

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Things I Love: Beautiful Vintage Scarf

Vintage Marja Kurki Silk Scarf, found on Etsy. 100% silk. Link here.   I am totally in love with the soft purple, so feminine and ladylike. And totally perfect for spring.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Gray + Pale Pink (and other clothing picks from the gray color palate)

On a cold rainy day, I waited in a 30 minute line in downtown NYC to get into the Joie sample sale. I hate lines, and waiting in line in the rain really says something about my crush with this brand.  It was actually a joint Equipment | Joie sale. I was hoping to score some Equiment silk shirts (as you know I love those, as mentioned in this post), but none of the samples were in my size.

However, I totally scored with Joie.  I got this gray for cardigan for about $100. It's sooo soft and extremely warm. It also had hook close running down the front. This is my first piece of fur and I can't stop petting it. Let me tell you, this baby is so warm!

I paired the darker gray fur with the lighter gray cashmere draped sweater (also from Joie), and accessorized with pale pale pink cashmere hat and scarf.

Paaaaale pink is a hard color to pull off by itself on me. I love the color, but it tends to washes me out. So instead I found that I work with much better by incorporating it as a pop of accent color. On me, it really brings out the pale pink without washing me out.

Two combinations I like to do is a deep gray (slate, charcoal) with pale pink, or black with a pop of pale pink.

Bloomingdales is having a pretty solid discount on a few Joie items. Below are two that I currently have my eye on. Personally, I like Joie because I find their quality quite decent and I like their feminine, but effortless design.

While staying on the gray theme, below are two picks from Joie from the gray color palate family:
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