Sunday, October 20, 2013

Luscious and Sensual: The Color Oxblood

Fall is a great time to experiment with jewel tone colors. Ruby, burgundy, oxblood, everything in this color family begs to be touched and gives such a sumptuous feel, elevating any outfit.

I organize my fashion Pinterest boards by color scheme. The moment I saw the oxblood pairings I knew it was a color I wanted to incorporate into my fall/winter wardrobe. The headiness of this color adds spice to the drabness of winter.

Below is a close up of the blazer. You can see that it is subtly patterned fabric. This is helpful because it breaks up the deep red a bit, making it more casual. The blazer is by Olivia Moon, from Nordstrom - $79.50. 

Underneath, I  wore my black merino wool sweater, also from Nordstrom - $68. The sweater is 3/4 sleeve and 100% merino wool. For me, this was a great purchase because I was looking for an easy wool sweater that felt smooth against the skin, but light enough to wear under a blazer without added bulk.

I didn't do jewelry. Sometimes I feel like adding jewelry on top of such deep colors over complicated the outfit and then it look too forced; especially if I'm just wearing this about town during the day. The vibrancy of the red already adds enough of pop, leaving the rest simple makes it more easy on the eye and gives it a much more relaxed feeling.

||Shoes|| Rosegold suede aubergine pumps (from Gilt)

What is your favorite fall wardrobe color?

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